16 comments on “My Great-Grandfather Died On The Titanic

  1. Aida says:

    Very touching! and so beautifully written. Thank you Josie for sharing this story of your family with everyone. xx Aida

  2. maisie says:

    I noticed your relative’s grave today when I visited Mt Olivet cemetery. I had such curiosity about the flowers left there. I was so glad to find your article about your loved one and happy to know that he is not forgotten.

  3. judi roaman says:

    Josie- This is so very sad and wonderful all at the same time. I find myself crying as I read your loving words and think of your great grandfather but know in my heart that he is watching over you and your family. With love, judi

  4. Yann Abroyan Charaoui says:

    A deeply moving story about the hardships of life and the issuing battle for survival.
    I get a lot of inspiration in hearing how men and women sacrifice their basic instincts in the name of love, honor, pride and belief.
    Bless you and the rest of your family.

  5. Michel Brogard says:

    Another victim: How I lost my wife Josyann to the Titanic

    It started abruptly in early April 2012 as the 100th anniversary of the sinking approached. Josyann would spend nights digging the web at her iMac, and then days and nights…She sunk (!) into Titanic-mania, flew to Halifax, drove to a Titanic convention (!) in New Jersey, learned how to blog, immersed 🙂 herself in the story, ordered all the Titanic books available, skyped with the great-grand-children of Titanic passengers from remote villages in Lebanon, befriended like-minded passionate Titanic historians, a flurry of emails re-engaged vast numbers of long-lost family relatives linked by her great-grand father. It looks like many Lebanese passengers who survived ended-up in Ohio, so we’re now Youngstown-bound… What an adventure! I am very proud of you Josyann.

    • Patrick Faucompre says:

      Everyone has his own passion with all its surroundings, meetings, research, etc…
      Yes, my friend, you can be proud of your wife’s passion-turned devotion to her beloved family.
      What a life that must be!

  6. […] wrote a personal blog commemorating Gerios and describing his journey, ending it with the words: “Rest in peace, […]

  7. Wael Chehab says:

    This was indeed touching. One of my relatives, too, died on the Titanic, Fares Chehab, 28 years old. He too boarded the Titanic in Cherbourg, his body was never found. His descendants, however made it to Brazil where they now live.

  8. Nadim Ghantous says:

    Josyann, this is an amazing and of course touching account of that terrible night. He must be proud of you looking at you from above, now that you are a successful doctor in the us. Would love to see you and Michel when you visit Lebanon.

  9. Hello, Josyann,
    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Titanic International Society convention in April. You have done a really nice job with your blog. I’ve put a link to it on Janet White’s and my blog about our book, Ohio Tales of the Titanic, which includes your great-grandfather’s story. — Best wishes, Mary Ann Whitley.
    (Ohio Tales of the Titanic: The Buckeye State’s Fascinating Connections to the World’s Most Famous Shipwreck by Janet A. White and Mary Ann Whitley
    http://ohiotitanic.wordpress.com/ )

  10. Anna Dagmar says:

    Josyann this is incredible. It is so meaningful that you have been able to do this research about your family. You capture the story in such vivid detail. How amazing that his cousin was rescued. Thank you for sharing this with me and I will share it with others.

  11. David Abichaker says:

    Every story is incredibly touching and reflects every bit of the Human story of love, hope, perseverance, and survival. So beautifully written! So personal and so relevant as a reminder to the sacrifices by our grandparents as they sought a better life for their families while escaping the poverty and the Ottoman empire tyranny, as it was for the Lebanese immigrants. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Brad Bottger says:

    Incredible story and such well-researched detail! Amazing how fate intervened in several of the lives described. Josie, it’s not too late for a career in research. Nice to know that Gerios’ descendants did eventually find the American Dream (and still have the best parties).

  13. Dan LaHage says:

    I attended your lecture at the AUB New York Office. Great research and your passion on the topic was reflected in the touching presentation. I hope this relatively unknown story gets acknowledged in future publications of US History text books; so the next time a Hollywood producer decides to make a feature film on this topic, this important immigrant community will get more than an unnoticed 6 second sound byte.

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