The Last Titanic Survivor

The last remaining survivor of the Titanic died in 2009. Millvina Dean was only nine weeks old and the youngest passenger on the ship when she was put on a lifeboat and saved. She was born in Branscombe, England and was traveling with her parents who had decided to leave England and emigrate to Wichita, Kansas where her father was planning on working in a family owned tobacco shop.

Her father felt the ship’s collision with the iceberg on the night of 14 April 1912, and after investigating, returned to his cabin telling his wife to dress the children and go up on deck. Dean, her mother, and brother were placed in Lifeboat 10 and were among the first steerage passengers to escape the sinking ship. Her father, however, did not survive. After losing her husband and being left with two small children for whom to care, Dean’s mother returned to England aboard the RMS Adriatic. Millvina and Bertram Dean were raised mostly on pension funds and educated in Southampton schools. It was not until she was eight years old, and her mother was planning to marry again, that Dean was told she had been a passenger on the Titanic.

Millvina Dean as a baby with older brother Bertram

According to The Guardian, her death at age 97 came just a month after “Titanic” stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet helped pay her nursing home expenses.

Millvina Dean-Last Titanic Survivor, 1912-2009

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  1. melissaofkansas says:

    This is a great website. Thank you for sharing the information you have collected about the Thayers. I, too, am a distant relative of John B. Thayer II and III.

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