What Happened To Bruce Ismay?

Bruce Ismay, an English businessman and President of the White Star Line, survived the Titanic disaster. He was vilified by the American and British press and called “Coward of the Titanic” for boarding Collapsible Lifeboat C, while women and children were still on board. After he was rescued by the Carpathia, it was reported that Ismay spent the entire journey in a cabin belonging to the ship’s doctor, not eating anything solid and not receiving any visitors. Upon arrival in New York, Ismay testified at the Titanic disaster hearings held by the US Senate. Similar inquiries by the British Board of Trade few weeks later exonerated him but that did not change public opinion of him. Ismay resigned as Chairman of the White Star Line on June 30, 1913 and stayed out of the public eye for the rest of his life. His wife was quoted as saying that the Titanic nearly destroyed their family. Bruce Ismay died of a stroke in Mayfair, London on October 17, 1937  at the age of 74.

2 comments on “What Happened To Bruce Ismay?

  1. Keisha says:

    Did he work after the titanic trial was over?

    • Once the American and British inquiries into the disaster ended, he and his wife moved to Ireland in the area known as Connemara. Although he resigned as Chariman of the White Star line, he did work as a chairman for an insurance company founded by his father called The Liverpool & London Steamship Protection & Indemnity Association Limited. While not in the public eye, he did continue to work in the maritime industry for over 25 years. Ismay also gave a lot of money to charity, and even helped establish a fund for merchant mariners. He moved back to England after 25 years in Ireland.
      “I never want to see a ship again and I loved them so. What an ending to my life,” he is believed to have said near the end of his life.

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